Thursday, June 7, 2012


We have so much to Celebrate around here, so I hope you will all join in.

Number one on the list

#1.  Quilt Market was a success and the craziness is at a minimum for now.

I know I am very slow on this subject, but I have had way to much going on. (More on that later in the post.) 

Here are a few pictures (courtesy of Camille Roskelley) of the booth. 

Camille and I share a booth and this is it. 

Welcome to our front porch. Sit down to chat and enjoy some fresh Marmalade!

My side of the booth,

 And what could be better than getting a bundle of fabric in the mail?

Camille's side,

I want to make every one of her quilts too!

and us together the last day...

We survived!  A little tired, but still smiling (That pint of Ben and Jerry's we were looking forward to was great motivation!)

A special thanks to Lissa!  What a gal!  Those of you who know her, know how amazing she is.  I don't know how she does it all.

And a big thanks to Melissa, the angel that was sent to help us with so many of the details.

To check out all the new patterns and close up photos using Marmalade, you can go here and here for mine and here and here for Camilles.

Another reason I am celebrating today is...

#2  ... after a lot of coaxing and help, Camille talked me into switching my web site to Big Cartel and today it is finally up and running! (Thanks Camille!)

It was so much work to switch everything over, but I am so excited to show you.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  All the new Marmalade patterns are there as well as the Vintage Modern patterns.  Vintage Modern just arrived in your favorite quilt shops, so go get some quick!  Marmalade will be shipping in October.  

To Celebrate this monumental day, (my kids think my technology skills are challenged, but I did it!)  I am offering a coupon code CELEBRATE you can use when you checkout.  When you use this you get a 25% discount on all paper and PDF patterns!  Great time to stock up or get gifts for your quilting friends!

If you don't find a pattern there that you have been wanting, just e-mail me and I can get it out to you.  (It is impossible to put all 489 patterns that I have designed on the site, so I only put on the last couple of years, but they are all still available)

#3.  We are also Celebrating a special someone's birthdayday this weekend!

Happy 29th Camille!
Hop on over to her blog, look at all of her beautiful Marmalade quilts and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Hope you will join me in Celebrating!


  1. Such a gorgeous booth and great photos! And Marmalade is definitely my favorite fabric two are amazing!

  2. This fabric collection looks amazing and I cannot wait for October to get here! :O) I seem to recall... possibly in some long ago post of either yours or Camille's.... that it's your birthday, too? Wasn't she born on your bday? Happy Birthday to you, too!

  3. Ha ha.. thanks Mom! Nice try though, not mentioning it was your birthday too! Lets see, when I turned 24 you were exactly double my age, so doesn't that make you 56? ;-) I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

    Happy, happy birthday! Love you!

  4. Happy Birthday to you too Bonnie!

  5. Wonderful photos!!! Just visited the new site-looks great!!! Lots of goodies I am interested in. Thanks for sharing! Happy birthday, Bonnie!

  6. Yes, your booth was one of the most beautiful and cheerful booths there! Congrats!

  7. Happy birthday to both of you! Beautiful booth and thanks for the coupon! Hildy

  8. Happy birthday to you both! Waiting for Marmalade.

  9. Dang it Bonnie, I knew it was your birthday too and I forgot to send birthday wishes to you. So...Have a very happy birthday, the both of you. I hope you are surrounded by love, happiness and family! Of course, those three things just all fit into one big bundle don't they. Big Hugs...

  10. Happy Birthday to you, too, Bonnie!! (Thank you so much for the coupon code!)

    Carmen @

  11. Bonnie, do you have the Christmas table runner pattern still? And is it something a highschool girl some sewing/quilting skills could make? My daughter would like to make one for her 4-H project for next year.


    Carmen @

  12. Parabéns e muitas felicidades.Sempre cabe mais um não é?Gostei da matemática de Camille...Presentão que você ganhou.Deus te abençoe sempre.

  13. I LOVE how your booth turned out! All that stress was worth it, it looked great. And I love the new site! Way to go... It really looks great.


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