Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabric destash

Last week Camille posted on her blog that she had decided to destash some of her fabric and although she loved all of it, some of it might need a new home.  Later she told me most of it was gone really quicky and that people were e-mailing asking her for things she thought maybe I might have.  Well, it got me thinking that I should probably do a little destashing of my own.  But...

I also love every single piece of my fabric...I have been collecting for a long time.  
I think  "Someday" I am going to make something with it.

They are all so beautiful and feel so nice...this green is the perfect green and this red is my favorite...
you know the drill, we all have the same thoughts and lose all sense of reality when we enter a fabric store.  Especially the cut goods...they are all wrapped up so pretty.

 But in all reality, if I started sewing now and didn't stop until I was 100 I would still be using my little scraps that I can't seem to throw away (which is how Wrapped Up In Memories came to be...)

So I thought maybe some of my beautiful fabric should be used and loved by some of you.

There are a few Bliss Flannel pieces as well.  These 1 yard cuts which work so well for 
Receiving Blankets.

If you want to check it out, click here.  I also decided to throw in a few new charm squares of Vintage Modern in the mix for any of you that can't seem to find them in your local quilt stores.

I will be adding new things for a couple of days as I sift through, so check back often.
Most items are one of a kind, so keep that in mind.
Have a great weekend everyone!

PS - Starting today, I'll send you a free pattern with every order - Just e-mail me the one you want and I will tuck it in your box!


  1. Hi Bonnie! Wonderful fabrics!
    Regards from Spain!

  2. Ooooo - I just placed my order! More flannel Bliss? You are my hero! And I also just opened my first EVER BOM kit from Fat Quarter Shop with Vintage Modern. Love it! You are super-talented and I love your style.

  3. Those fabrics are absolutely beautiful,love,love!!

  4. I've been doing a little de-stashing myself this summer. Your fabrics are so pretty, so I'm sure they are difficult to part with!

  5. Hi Bonnie
    I am from Australia and I love your and Camille's fabrics.I LOVE Bliss!Few years ago I was browsing through different kind of fabrics and I found Bliss.It was love at firs sight.And I started to look all these beautiful quilts and I was just amazed what you can make with little pieces of fabrics.So i started quilting and made 2 quilts for my 2 daughters from Bliss.I was so happy.I still keep little pieces of Bliss like inch or two,just can't throw them away.It is pity you don't ship to Australia.Now it is very hard to find Bliss.Love your fabrics and love your work!

  6. I was lucky enough to find some Vintage Modern and am using it to make my first full sized quilt!!! I am SO excited and just totally in love with this beautiful line. I am a huge fan already. Blessings, Elizabeth

  7. Olá,venho procurando seus tecidos na minha cidade e não encontro-Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Região Serrana-Meu inverno começa agora e gostaria de fazer colchas para o meu casal de netos.Obrigada pela chance.Beijos e Bençã

  8. such beautiful fabric!
    i just finished a vintage modern crib bedding set for my soon-to-be-born granddaughter.
    when i took my daughter-in-law fabric shopping, the first collection she spied upon walking through the door of american quilting in orem, utah was vintage modern.
    our shopping trip was over.
    she was in love.
    baby hayden {due to arrive in august} is a lucky little girl!


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