Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 The last few months I have enjoyed sewing with some of my granddaughters that are old enough to get excited about 
"Sewing Lessons with Grandma".   

For their first project the girls wanted to make quilts for their American Girl Dolls.  
Bailey is 10, Anni is 4 and Sydney is 7.  

This is the perfect time to get those little fingers stitching and they were so excited about it.

They each got to design their own quilt, so they picked out some charm squares they
 liked and layed them out.


In our first lesson we learned about the 1/4" seam.  We talked about the machine and threading the needle and sewing little fingers and important things like that, but then they practiced on the machines and 
stitched several lines of 1/4" seams.

That day, the girls got their squares sewn together.
Anni had to have quite a bit of help, but she wasn't going to be left out.

Bailey used my Bernina I got when I was 17.  It still runs great. Seeing her
sit there and sew was like seeing myself all those years ago and reminded me of 
how much I loved the many hours I sat at that machine.

To see the girls so interested and having so much fun
  made my heart swell 10 times as we spent the afternoon sewing together.  
You know one of those days you hope will come,
 and there it is.

 Our next sewing lesson was at the cabin, this is me helping Anni put her quilt together.

I love this little picture of her hands.  So sweet.

I taught my girls to sew when they were young, but we can't seem to find any pictures of us, so I am making sure my granddaughters have evidence.

They picked it up so fast and wanted to sew and sew.  Sydney didn't want to stop for dinner.
They caught the quilting bug!

Bailey said "This is the most fun I've ever had at the cabin".

Their older brother, Britton, who is 12, got right in the middle too, stitching some squares together. I love this picture because they are all so busy working.

Bailey making her "quilt sandwich".


And one very important part of Sewing Lessons is to have treats, and there were plenty.  You can't see it, but there are bowls of chocolate on the table. 
Chocolate is a must in my "Sewing Lessons"

Over Christmas break we had another sewing day with the girls and this time little Livvy got be there and help.  She is 4 too.  We made sleeping bags and pillows for their little dolls.
It has been such a sweet experience for me and hope they will remember it too!

  Yesterday I got the nicest letter from Bailey's, teacher and just had to share.  She wrote the sweetest note about how much she enjoyed Bailey in her class and loves to talk about sewing with her. She said some of the other girls have started bringing their projects to show so they can be part of the "sewing circle". Her teacher gave them an assignment to write about "The things that they think are amazing", and Bailey wrote this paper. She said I could share it.

I am so proud of her, my daughters, all of my grandchildren and my daughters-in-law, that have taken this passion I have and embraced it just as me and my mother did.  It has been such a blessing in all of our lives and it makes me one happy Grandma to see it continue.

 This is priceless to me and I have loved every minute of our time sewing together and to see their excitement and satisfaction in their projects.  We have made American Girl doll quilts, pillows, clothes, bags, doll sleeping bags and are going to make some clothes for each of the girls for our next project. 

As a New Year begins and we reflect on the past year, I could be very discouraged as it was a pretty tough one for me and I have to go in for another treatment this afternoon, but that's not what I choose to focus on.  There are so many things on my list of "What I think is amazing" in my life and since Bailey wrote this paper it has inspired me to look deeper. This is just one of the things and there are so many others, but that will have to be a post for another day.  
As for now, I am enjoying every minute I have and feel so blessed!

Yesterday I was cutting fat quarter bundles to add to the shop
 and thinking about what project I wanted to make next.

It didn't take me long to decide to make this Mini Swoon pattern by my daughter Camille. 
Yes, she is pretty talented!  So proud of her.
Hmmm... What fabric should I choose?

I hope all of you that are just beginning to sew, or are long time quilters, take some time today to think about "What do you think is amazing" in your life. 
 I am pretty sure sewing will be on all of our lists.

Happy Stitching and Happy New Year,
May it bring peace and happiness, health and kindness, 
and time to sew with someone you love.