Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Make every day count!

I know it's been awhile since my last blog post, but as I was watering my flowers in my window box this morning and smelling the fresh sweet air, it made me think about last summer and how different things were for me than on this beautiful summer morning.  

I won't go into all the depressing details about last summer, but I just had to write to let you know I am doing well! Last week I had my first checkup since I finished my treatments and a mammogram and I am happy to say both reports were good. I don't know if I am cancer free or in remission or really what I am right now, time will tell, but I do know one thing, I am so very grateful to be feeling as good and I am and getting back into life!

Everything looks better, smells better and tastes better. Hugs and kisses are more precious, phone calls and visits are sweeter. Yes, I am getting my hair back (not quite as fast and as thick as I was hoping) and I even have eyelashes now. But more importantly, I feel stronger and more healthy than I have in a year. I have a little slower pace now, some days on purpose and some not. Some days I feel like I am in slow motion and others I have more energy. For the life of me I can't figure out what makes the difference.  

For the last few months, the thought just keeps coming to my mind, Make every day count! 

So that's what I intend to try to do. The things on my to do lists don't get crossed off as quickly as I would like, but that's ok for now. I do what I can and don't stress about it as much as I used to. I am trying to balance my life a little better. 

I want to spending more time enjoying the summer with my husband, kids, grand kids and friends, spend time at the cabin having BBQ's and roasting marshmallows. Walking and biking, watering and weeding my flowers and of course, sewing. It really is my therapy to create. I am enjoying just how beautiful my life is and how blessed I really am. Nothing like a cancer diagnosis to put things in perspective. 

I hope you will slow down a little too! Stop to enjoy the life you have been given, even if it is crazy and hard sometimes. I know it is! Stop to enjoy your kids that are home for summer, even if they may be driving you crazy and realize they grow up too fast, way too fast, they really do! Spend some time with your parents and grandparents. Take time to visit a friend. None of us really knows what tomorrow will bring. 

Don't get me wrong, I know there are quilts to make and fabric to design, yes, I am working on that too and loving it, every minute of it. It really is hard to balance it all, but I am so grateful that I am still here, feeling stronger and looking forward to much more of this beautiful life I have been given! 

I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago. It was the day of my last treatment and it was a huge milestone Celebration for me!!! In case you didn't see it, I wanted to blog to say THANKS to all of you that have been so kind, so thoughtful, supportive and encouraging!!! I could not have done it without you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I am making brownies this afternoon and the buzzer just rang, MMMM, they smell good!    Better go get them out of the oven!

Just remember,
Make every day count!