Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bliss is... like Bless

Betty is the winner of a Bliss Jelly Roll!
Her comment was:

"Bliss is much like Bless - so interconnected."

Betty, I couldn't agree more. When I stop long enough to really think about how blessed I am, it brings such a blissful feeling of peace to my heart.

Congratulations! Please send me your address so I can pass along some Bliss.
Better get back to the sewing machine, so much to do!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Bliss"- ful day...give a way!

Any time fabric arrives on your doorstep it's a good day, but when it is your own fabric line that you have been dying to sew with, it's a fabulous day!

"Bliss" is here!!! Such a great day, I think it's time for a give away!
To enter, tell me what "Bliss" is to you?

Check back on Monday, April 26 to see the winner.
I promise it will be"Bliss"-ful,



Yes, that's where I was last week, in paradise! (I wasn't sure if I should tell.)

My husband surprised me with a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. Celebrate what? Well, Valentines Day, his birthday, 30 years of Marriage, and the fact that we are now empty nesters. Any excuse will do when you want to get away to somewhere warm. (We live in Idaho - need I say more?)

I spent every minute I could on the warm sunny beach, with the moist ocean breezes blowing, listening to the swaying palm trees and crashing waves, eating yummy sea food. It was so relaxing and beautiful!

Even with Quilt Market only 28 days away and sooo much sewing left to do... (there are going to be lots of late nights)... it was totally worth it.

I am so glad I didn't miss that week in paradise!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taking a little break

With all the craziness in my schedule, last night was a welcome break. My daughter-in-law Breanna asked me several weeks ago if there was a time we could get together and spend some time sewing. It just happened to be the night of the BIG basketball game and the boys had plans, so it was the perfect night to sew.

When Breanna got engaged to our son Ryan, someone asked her if she knew how to sew. Evidently, this person thought it was a pre-requisite to joining our family. It's really not, but Breanna wanted to learn a little more about quilting. We had a lot of fun making this table topper, this was her first official quilt.

We didn't quite finish, it still needs the borders and to be quilted, but we are saving that for another fun quilting day. Great job Breanna, you are a natural. Cecily, care to join us next time?
Back to work,
PS There was a loud shout for joy from the boys at the end of the game!