Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yes, that's where I was last week, in paradise! (I wasn't sure if I should tell.)

My husband surprised me with a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. Celebrate what? Well, Valentines Day, his birthday, 30 years of Marriage, and the fact that we are now empty nesters. Any excuse will do when you want to get away to somewhere warm. (We live in Idaho - need I say more?)

I spent every minute I could on the warm sunny beach, with the moist ocean breezes blowing, listening to the swaying palm trees and crashing waves, eating yummy sea food. It was so relaxing and beautiful!

Even with Quilt Market only 28 days away and sooo much sewing left to do... (there are going to be lots of late nights)... it was totally worth it.

I am so glad I didn't miss that week in paradise!



  1. Looks like you had a lovely time Bonnie - I sure could use a Hawaiian vacation right about now!

    And I see the Market countdown has begun! I'm nervous to get all my designs done in time, but I'm sure I can do it...and I'm sure you can too!

  2. Aloha, looks like a lovely time in beautiful Hawaii!

  3. you two know how to do empty-nesting right! so glad you had fun. :)

  4. After seeing these pictures, I'm not speaking to you. *sigh*


  5. My son is serving a mission in Hawaii for our church. He's been gone five months May 9th. He spent 2 months in Kauai and now is on Oahu. It truly is heaven on earth by the pictures I see. He said that he missed Kauai bz he got to see the ocean all the time. His mission president told him that his mission ends where the sand begins so he never could go on the beach or in the ocean but he could at least see it. On Oahu he rarely gets to see the ocean where he's at. I fell in love with the beach and ocean in California 15 years ago (only time I've been) and brought some of it back in a Tupperware midget and a mason jar. It's hardly lost any of the ocean to evaporation in the midget and the beach is still in its jar. They both sit here by me while I work and so I can say I have a little bit of heaven/paradise in my home. Your soul is probably re-energized and you'll get more accomplished in less time now, lol!

  6. P.S. We'll be empty-nesters in about a year.

  7. Looks like a FABULOUS trip to me! Paradise!

  8. Oh Bonnie, that sounds heavenly!! What a nice break before the buzz of market begins!!! You are LUCKY!!!


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