Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fresh, Yummy, Homemade Marmalade

Have you ever sewn with fabric that was so yummy you could almost taste it?  Well, that's how I feel about our new fabric line Marmalade.  Every piece looks yummy enough to eat.  It is so fresh and I love the orange and yellow with our aqua/red/green/gray combination. 
 I hope you will like it too.
Oh, and we have 16 flannel pieces in yardage plus  Layer Cakes and Charm Squares in Flannel, yes, that's right, Layer Cakes AND Charm Squares in Flannel!
Moda makes the softest flannel!
 I am especially excited about our Coated fabric.
We have 4 different pieces. 

I have designed 6 new patterns that have just been added to our Cotton Way website.  I  will have more new patterns featuring Marmalade when the fabric arrives in stores in October.  
 Mark your calendars. 

I think Orange Marmalade is my favorite (above) new pattern and was so fun to piece. It is a traditional orange peel block with a scallop border.  The scallops are appliqued to give it a curvy look, but the edge is actually straight and so much easier to bind.  
The size is 68" x 77".
This pattern uses 1 Layer Cake or 42 - 10" x 10" squares for a really scrappy look.

Star Blossoms -  I love stars, so this quilt was especially fun to piece. 
 It also uses a Layer Cake and is 70" x 84".
Not necessarily a quick project, but a very rewarding one for me.  I loved piecing every block. 
It just happened to be one of those all nighter projects.  (All of you out there getting ready for Quilt Market know what I am talking about...)  I got out the diet Pepsi and chocolate and stitched away.   It's kind of fun to do that now and then. No interruptions.

 This Wrapped Up In Memories string quilt has so many possibilities!
I hope you can catch the vision.

Stitch a quilt for baby, graduation, wedding, Anniversary, family reunion, Christmas, etc.  You can embroider any name, date or quote on a strip of fabric and add it into your blocks.  You can use ribbon, labels from clothing or selvages from fabric.  Use small strips of fabric, old ties, T-shirts from sports events or scraps and left over binding.  
Jelly rolls work great too!  
Size 51" x 62".

I made this quilt with the selvages and scraps from our fabric lines, 

So while you are sewing, save all of your little scraps and selvages AND
make sure you check back in a couple of weeks for a give a way of some Marmalade scraps and a pattern to make this quilt.

These quilts go together really fast with four big easy blocks.
Pinks and reds for girls...

...Blues and greens for boys.  These are some of our flannel prints.  Each quilt is 43" x 43".

The perfect size to snuggle your little one in!

Rice filled trivets will protect your table while serving your delicious hot dishes.  Without the rice they can be adorable pot holders too.  Great gifts for your favorite friends! 
Each one is 9" x 9".  There is a basket, star, spools and a flower.
The rick-rack makes a nice finish to the edges.

Lots of pockets, inside and out!
This pattern also includes instructions for a 
small mat 18" x 24" and large mat 24" x 24". 
I used the coated fabric for the outside of this bag  and the mats.  It feels wonderful.

*Great for the beach - Plenty of room to stash towels, sun screen, sun glasses, water bottle and a book.
Use the mat to keep the sand out of your hair while you relax on the beach.
Perfect for a *Picnic bag - Paper plates, cups, utensils and food.  Use the mat for a table cloth.
*Sewing or project bag - lots of pockets for all your sewing gadgets, crocheting, scrapbooks supplies and so much more.
*Diaper bag - bottles, wipes, baby food, extra clothes.  Use the mat for changing baby.

So that's what I have been working on the last few weeks.
What's your favorite new pattern?
I probably won't be blogging again until after Quilt Market, there is still sooooo much to do!
Check back later for a few Kansas City Quilt Market 2012 pictures.



  1. Oh so cute! I can hardly wait to see the real things! Congrats!

  2. Beautiful. One one hand I can't wait for October but on the other hand I'm not in a big hurry for cold weather to come back.

  3. Beautiful, Bonnie! I think star blossoms is my favourite, but that appliquéd scallop is so clever... I hope you have a happy and successful quilt market x

  4. Your new patterns are all fabulous but if I have to pick a favourite it has to be Orange Marmalade.

  5. Love your style and so glad you share your talents with us! Your wrapped in Memories is twice as cute with Bliss, Ruby, Vintage Modern, and Marmalade.

    Please consider re-releasing Bliss & Ruby... !

    Have a great Quilt Market.

  6. Eu não posso escolher TODOS?Então,tá...Sucesso no mercado! PARA VOCÊ AVÓ DE 12... e MÃE de 5 FELIZ DIA DAS MÃES !!!!!!!Beijos.

  7. I love the orange marmalade pattern, also really like star blossoms! I can tell that the piecing, while not difficult, would certainly take a bit of time...but SO pretty!

  8. Love the new patterns, Bonnie!
    but the fabric is the best you've come up with yet! trying to finish my WIP's so that I can buy some and make a summery quilt by next summer!

  9. The new patterns are just beautiful.
    I My fav is Orange Marmalada.Have fun in the Market!!

  10. I think Star Blossoms and Orange Marmalade are my favorites! They all look wonderful! I love the orange and yellow you added to the color way - so fresh and happy! Every line you and Camille do are wonderful - just when I think you can't get any better - you amaze me with what's next! Can't wait to see it all up close and personal! :O)

  11. Wrapped up in memories, wanting to make a string quilt, perfect! Love the quilting in the sashing:)

  12. Great patterns Bonnie! I especially love Star Blossoms. Love, love, love it!

  13. Great patterns and gorgous fabric! My favorite is Orange Marmalade1 Have a wonderful time at Quilt Market, Hildy

  14. I love everything about this post and you are absolutely right the colors are that yummy.

  15. Oh my gosh!! What gorgeous quilts and patterns. Each one is something that I could definitely see myself making. I can't wait to get my hands on some of that Marmalade--the colors are wonderful!

    Best of luck at Market--can't wait for pictures.

  16. Hi Bonnie,

    All the patterns look great as well as the fabric. Good luck for Quilt Market have fun!

  17. I love the Star Blossoms quilt! That fabric is scrumptious!

  18. It was so amazing to meet you at market. We (the boss and I) saw your fabric and fell in love. Fell in love with Orange Marmalade too. When I came over to get pictures I just kept falling in love with the other quilts too. I can not wait until the fabriuc comes in.
    I am doing a precuts club and Orange Marmalade will be a sample for sure. Don't think I can stop there. :) I will let you know how it comes out.

  19. Bonnie, i just love your new collection. That bag is to die for as well as the wrapped up in memories blanket!

  20. I am going to get your grab and go pattern and once I do I will head out to my hobby room from http://roomstogrowusa.web12.hubspot.com/hobbyrooom/, and enjoy my serenity while I am out there. Love that bag!

  21. Just bought the orange marmalade pattern and I can't wait to make it!


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