Monday, November 4, 2013

Ironing Board Makeover Winner!

It's time to announce the winner of the October Ironing Board Makeover! 

First of all let me say 
Thank You 
to all of you that took the challenge.  I am amazed at the creativity out there.
I wish I could send all of you a stack of Scrumptious!

The winner of the Scrumptious fabric is Tracy:

This is her BEFORE picture.


Wow!  Looks great Tracy!

You even used fabric from several of our fabric lines and mixed them all together.
Send me your address and I will get this fabric right out to you. Congratulations!

After I recovered my ironing board, I decided to make one for a friend 

and couldn't resist making her an Ironing Board Organizer to go with it. 

She needed one right?

I was always poking pins in mine, so hopefully this pincushion will be useful for her,

 and the little garbage pocket comes in so handy when you are trimming off those little tails, not to mention the pockets with the sewing gadgets we tend to 
collect on the end of our ironing boards.

Thanks for the fun and hope that if your ironing board tends to look
 a little like Tracy's before picture, 
you will be inspired to make a new cover, really, it makes ironing soooo much more fun!



  1. Great post and pictures! You've got a cute room there and I love the organizer! I'm ironing board cover is just starting to turn a little brown from scorch marks. I think it can go a little longer and then I will need to make something cute to match my sewing room. I could really use that organizer though :) It's on my list of to-do's. Is it your pattern?


  2. So lovely, the winner's cover and your friend's cover. Sadly that's a project I'll likely never get too. But I can admire yours!

  3. What a great Ironing board organizer!!! Excellent idea. Thanks!!!
    Love the colors of your fabric...they are so cheery it might even be fun ironing.

  4. I have just finished making 6, yes 6 of your ironing board organizers for xmas gifts. I love the idea but now need to make one for me :o) hugs

  5. Congratulations to Tracy!! I love the ironing board organiser... what a great idea! :)

  6. I love the organizer. What an amazing idea. I think I will make my best friend a set for Hanukkah and even a matching sewing machine cover.

  7. I love that ironing board organizer. Do you have a pattern or a tutorial for it. I am not that imaginative, so I don't think I will be able to figure out how to make it! I am getting a new office/sewing room as soon as I get it cleaned out and painted (my son just moved out), and I will finally have a place that it would be worth making an ironing board cover for.

  8. It would be fun to see the other entries as well! That would give us all some inspiration and some motivation to make one of our own!

  9. I'm going to have to make one of those organizers. I'm always looking for a pin cushion and using my ironing board for one. And I like the pockets with for all the tools we need when working on projects.

  10. Goodness! I'd love to make one too, I found the link on Pinterest. Is there a link to a tutorial or do we need to purchase a pattern?

  11. Amazing! Just love it! How much time did it take?

  12. What a fantastic cover you created! I love it,

  13. I love the pincushion/catch-all you added to your lovely ironing board cover.


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