Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Handmade Gift Ideas #3 - Scrumptious Sew Easy Bag Kit

Another Scrumptious Gift Idea - Sew Easy Bag Kit

This handy kit includes the Scrumptious mini charm squares, zipper, lining, batting and ribbon.  It does not include any of of the other items in the photo above,
but as you can see, you can fill it with all of your favorite notions.

I have decided to offer the kit and pattern separately because some of you may already have the pattern or may want more than one kit.

The kits are $10.00 and the pattern is on sale for $6.00.
 The pattern is available as a paper pattern or a PDF download.
The pattern includes all of the bags on the cover! 
It could also be used for make-up, pencils and crayons or any other use you can dream up.
It is 5" x 9".

 I take my bag everywhere, in the car and on the plane. Whether I am binding a quilt or stitching hexagons, it works perfectly. The scissors can be attached to the ribbon inside the bag so you don't drop or misplace them.


I have several bags, one with needles and thread, thimble pads - love these, and all the things for binding.  I have one for my hexagon project and one for my embroidery.

  A great gift for all of your sewing friends!
You could even just give them the kit and let them have fun making it.

I also added a few more of the Abundantly Blessed kits to the shop.

 I hope this helps check a few things off of your handmade gift list.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Love this! Great gift idea...made or as the kit!

  2. That really is the best size bag, I loved mine since the day I got it as a gift. I am glad you made a pattern. I LOVE the thread, so fun to see your own colors!

  3. This is the cutest bag!!!! I love a good zipper pouch and this is SO good!

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  5. Hi. Your blog says, "The kits are $10.00 and the pattern is on sale for $6.00." I'm attempting to download PDF pattern, but when I follow link on blog it takes me to the pattern at $9.00. Is it on sale for $6.00, or ??


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