Monday, October 22, 2012

New Patterns

 I am so excited that
Marmalade cut goods are in stores now
 and yardage will be arriving soon...and...

 My 3 new patterns are available now!

The Cotton Way Candy pattern has a table topper, coasters and a cupcake pin cushion.
All very fast and easy to put together.

The pincushion can be put on a ramekin to give it a sweet little base.

The coasters are 6" x 6" and are so much fun to hand stitch.

The table topper is quilted as you stitch the curves and can be arranged
 in so many ways to make different designs. 
It measures 35" x 35". 

Baskets of Marmalade is the perfect Layer Cake project. 

The baskets are so fun and fresh and the pinwheels give it lots of movement.

I added a very small border on the edge to give it a double binding look. 

Two Hour Table Topper

I introduced this new pattern a few weeks ago available as a PDF download.  It is now also available as a paper pattern.  For those of you that didn't see that, let me tell you, yes, you can piece all of these Table Toppers in two hours or less.  The pieces are large and so quick to piece together.  This pattern is also great for a baby quilt.

 Pinwheel Topper

Star Table Topper

 Cross and Crown Table Topper

The New Patterns are available in our shop today!
All available as paper pattern or PDF download.

Have a great week,



  2. Gosh how I would have loved to order! I tried to order Patter #952 with a prepaid card. I always order with a prepaid Visa...and Paypal wouldn't let me. I thought I would let you know in case this was stopping other people from ordering your wonderful pattern as well. It really is beautiful and fantastic!! LOVE IT! I've always loved Cathedral Windows quilts and it really played into my dreams of making that quilt.

  3. Hi Bonnie! I love the new pattern #952!! That is on my to-buy list! Your fabrics make me smile and are SOOO fun! Great idea for a baby quilt on the 2-hour table topper!

  4. Bonnie!!!! I am smitten with your new patterns but Marmalade Baskets is a huge fav. I think it's a must have and soon. :-)

    Congratulations on your grandbaby, Cohen. He's a cutie!

  5. I just finished making Orange Marmalade ( up to the borders, still waiting for the yardage to come in). Can't wait to finish it. Now of course I will have to make the baskets because I love baskets. And the pincushion too. I will have to buy a layer cake... Orange Marmalade is a shop sample, or will be when she's done. Thanks for all the beautiful patterns.

  6. Your new patterns are beautiful! My favorite is Baskets of Marmalades, it's on my long to-do-list;-) Hildy

  7. love them all! clever little reversed windows in Candy and the delightful Baskets of Marmalade. deliciousness!

  8. I am mesmerized by the curvy candy table topper, tilting my head and everything trying to figure it out. And I'd love a basket of Marmalade those turned out so pretty! And of course I need a new ironing board cover....


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