Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life is Sweet

This is my new grand baby Cohen.  
Being a Grandma has to be one of the sweetest things in life.
Those of you that are Grandmas know exactly what I am talking about.
It was always my favorite age with my kids and now my 13 grandchildren.
You get to snuggle and love and kiss on them and enjoy all the sweet
things about newborn babies. Look at his little feet hanging out of the blanket...
...and his little hands are clinched so tight his knuckles are white...
...and don't new babies smell soooo good!

For each of my grandchildren I make a special quilt to take to them for our very first meeting.
For Cohen I made my Scrumptious quilt in the colors of his nursery.
His parents have worked so hard to make it look just right, 
of course it does.


Now that I am hooked on Snuggles, 
I always put that on the back to make it extra soft and cozy.

Ok. Just one more...I get to do that, I am the grandma!

Ahhh... so sweet.

So, if you have a new baby or grand baby on the way and want to stitch up a quick and easy quilt for them, this is a really fun one to do.  It uses jelly roll strips and has a soft raw edge, so it goes together in a snap. And if you don't even want to get out of your PJ's to run to the store, my daughter Tracy, has some kits over in her shop, so check them out here.

Wish my new grandson didn't live quite so far away!
I need more snuggle time!


  1. Cohen is special.I know exactly how you feel about your grandchildren. They are all special we have 6. Cohen's quilt is awesome.

  2. Oh my goodness, he is absolutely adorable!! Congrats!

  3. Congratulations, I didn't know anyone was pregnant...obviously they were! He is so cute, and looks like some of your others!

  4. Adorable...and the quilt's cute too! Seriously, adorable baby! So precious!
    I bought that pattern from you a few months ago and can't wait to work on it this winter!
    Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

  5. He is beautiful! Congratulations!! (and your quilt is super cute too)

  6. What a beautiful baby! Congrats!!!

  7. Congratulations! Cohen is beautiful. Such a lovely quilt! I have two new grandbabies also and you're right, life is sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Parabéns linda avó! Seu netos são lindos.continuo com apenas um casal,mas quero mais...vai depender das filhas...Beijo.

  9. Lyla was looking at that picture and smiling so big. She loves her new cousin already!


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