Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is it Spring Yet?

I don't know about most of you, but I am really, really ready for Spring.  The winters are waaaay to cold and waaaaaay to long here in Idaho.  The only way I can get through it is have lots of projects to keep me busy. 

As I said before, we tore out our kitchen December 28 and are in the process of putting it back together.  Well some of you may know how that goes. "Since we are re-doing the kitchen, lets tear out that carpet and paint that wall and since we are painting that, we might as well paint that...".  Well, that's what happened at our house.  We decided to also re-do my studio, which is right off my kitchen and re-texture and paint the family room too, which is on the other side of the kitchen.  We re-finished the wood floors, got new light fixtures and painted the hall...... I have been painting, cleaning and organizing half the house and the other half has all the stuff in it that had to be put somewhere so we could paint.  Can anyone relate?  It's pretty crazy around here!

It's almost finished, (next week is what they keep telling me-6 weeks without a kitchen is getting a little old).  Check back for the AFTER pictures. I can't wait to show you!  My 1989 kitchen looks SO much different and I finally have my Studio back together. On Saturday, on my Pillow Talk post, if you pay really close attention, you will see part of my updated Studio.  Hint - Aqua!  It's been so fun to sew again.

Well, back to hoping for Spring and sewing projects to get us through winter.  I have designed 3 new patterns that will certainly give you something to chase those winter blues away.

Hearts Content is a great pattern for Valentines Day.  It is filled with a sweet table topper, apron and two Valentine pouches to put your favorite treats in for your favorite people.

Reversible Charm ~ Spring and Summer is a fun Table Topper that is two-sided.  It will brighten any table. You can use it for Spring and then turn it over a few months later for Summer.

Jack and Jill is my new baby or toddler quilt. So fun and easy.  Both quilts have a 9-patch block and the Jill quilt has a rick rack edged dot in the alternating block.  The Jack quilt has a soft edge dot in the alternating block.  The perfect quilt for that special one to snuggle in.

Check these out on our website.  When you order any two new patterns, you can get the third one for free!

I hope you can all find a project that will brighten your winter.
Think Spring !


  1. I love Cotton Way. I have all of the monthly table runners made. The apron and pouches and topper is really cute.

  2. Fun new patterns! Wishing for an early spring for all of us. Enjoy your special day with the family.


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