Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I thought today would be the perfect day to announce our winner for the Moda Pillow Talk Blog Hop.

It is going to be an extra Sweet Day for :  Wilma NC  

she said she has been quilting:  "Since 1978...33 years!!! Wow. Love your patterns".

Wilma, I need to apologize, but your goodie bag isn't really going to have anything in it, you can blame Moda for that. You see, this "Bliss" fat quarter bundle just would not fit!  Along with the sewing bag this fat quarter bundle is also headed your way.  Thanks Moda! and Congratulations to Wilma!

It was so much fun to read all of your comments about how long you have been quilting, the quilts you have made and who you have made them with.  It was great to hear from lots of long time quilters and you new ones as well.  I was going to add up all the years collectively, but it turned out to be a little overwhelming!

Have a Happy Valentines Day,


  1. Congratulations Wilma - enjoy!

  2. Congratulation to Wilma - enjoy your win !! :))

  3. What a sweet Valentines Day for Wilma! Everything in that picture is gorgeous!

    Happy Stitching!


  4. OMG!!! Do I need to send my mailing address??I am sooo excited!!! I love Cotton Way patterns.

  5. Congratulations Wilma!! Have fun! :) 33 years of deserve that prize! :)

  6. Yeah for Wilma, one of my blogging friends. Nice to know the winner.

  7. Just purchased the pattern for the bag. Can't wait to make it!!


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