Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Sew on the Go Bag Pattern and Winners!

I am so excited to show you one of my new patterns, it's called 
Sew on the Go Bag.

I love to have a hand stitching project when I travel whether it is in the car or on the plane, 
and I am always trying to keep my thread and scissors handy. 

One day my husband and I were traveling to our cabin and we had stopped to get some lunch on the way. I was binding a quilt and my thread and scissors kept falling 
down in the seat. 
 I finally ended up putting them both on the straw in my drink.

(sorry for the lame phone photo)

 I decided it was time to make something a little more sophisticated to make my travel 
stitching easier.  
That was the inspiration for this bag, true story.
After a few sleepless nights dreaming up all the things this little bag should do, 
I came up with this. 

This little bag can sit on your lap and unzips to reveal thread, scissors, needles, pins, measuring tape, crochet hook or any other supplies you might need. 
I think it works perfectly for my paper pieced hexagon project.

It has a clear vinyl pocket so you can see whatever you may have stashed in it.

When you are ready to close it up, it zips and has a nice little button closure to 
hold the pocket closed and everything in place.

I used my selvage strips from Miss Kate for the center of the pocket, but the pattern gives the instructions for both the selvage strips or fabric yardage options.

It has little side pockets for rulers, pencils or crochet hooks and such.

The recessed zipper keeps things inside and the zipper pull makes it easy to zip.
I like it so much better than the cup and straw I ended up using.

You can find the paper or the PDF versions of the pattern in my shop

I hope this little bag will make your travel projects a little easier!

I am so excited to show you my new Daysail patterns. 
Stop by my blog next week to see what I have been working on!

You will also find some Bonnie and Camille mixed fat quarter bundles in the shop,

Oh, I almost forgot to announce the winners of the Miss Kate cut goods from the 
Moda Love Blog Tour.

My husband was the official counter and believe it or not, there were 

3416 M&M's in that bowl.
Now who is going to help me eat all of those M&M's?

Thanks so much to Moda for their generosity!

The winners are:
Michelle guessed 3296

Brenda guessed 3600
and Wendy guessed 3196.

Congratulations, e-mail me your addresses and I will send some Miss Kate right out.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Contragts to the winners I never thought there're so many in! And great new pattern can't wiat to see the other ones next week. Have a wonderful weekend:-)

  2. I'd be happy to help you eat those M&Ms! Hahaha!

  3. Love the bag and confess to giggling at the pic of thread and scissors on the straw!

  4. Bonnie, you bag is seriously to cute and so functional! Love it!

    Congratulations winners! :)

    1. LOL. Bonnie please excuse my grammatical errors! Gotta love typing from a phone! ;)

    2. Bonnie- this bag is a must have! I can't wait to make one or two or three! :)

  5. I just read my name as being one of the winners and yelled out to my family-my granddaughters came running and were sooo disappointed that I only won fabric and not the M&Ms! Thanks so much!

    1. Congratulations Brenda E! Please e-mail me your address so I can send your fabric.

  6. I love your Sew on the Go bag! What a great place to use some selvage strips.

  7. This is so cute! I found it on your instagram feed and came over here and purchased it immediately! I've been sewing with Miss Kate for the last week--such pretty fabric!

  8. I just ordered the pattern and then read about the discount. But oh well. It's a great pattern and I already have plans for it--for me first, and then as Christmas gifts for quilty friends. :) You and Camille are amazing!!

  9. that little purse is just brilliant!!! I've been looking for a perfect sewing bag pattern, and this one looks great!! And that is alot of M&M's: I didn't even come close to guessing the right amount!! :-) thanks for hosting: Have a great week!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  10. So excited! Can't believe I won!

  11. I love your Sew on the Go Bag! Congratulations to the winners :)

  12. Great bag! My daughter would love this for her crochet travels! I'm putting it on my to do list.

  13. Ooo, love that bag!! Looks like it may be a little challenging for me though. But I would love to give it a try.

  14. Was wishing I was the right Brenda. Maybe next time.

  15. This bag is amazing. I would love to make this, it looks like you have thought of everything!

  16. Hi, I love this bag, I bought the pattern sew-on-the-go-bag-pdf and I don't know how can do the donwload. Could you help me?

  17. I bought this pattern with a fabric kit. There was no supply list for what other items are neede or what size zippers I need. Can someone help with that?

  18. I bought this pattern with a fabric kit. There was no supply list for what other items are neede or what size zippers I need. Can someone help with that?


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