Friday, March 28, 2014

It's Miss Kate's Big Day

I am so excited to show you my NEW Miss Kate patterns!
 It always gets a little crazy each time we design a new fabric collection and start the 
pattern design process.
It's so much fun and at the same time, lots of hard work to get to this point. 
 Finally, today is the day I get to introduce them to you. 

 The first project I started designing the minute Miss Kate arrived at my door, was this 
Double Wedding Ring quilt, 
Kate's Big Day.  

You can just imagine Miss Kate and her sister, Ruby, 
chatting about Kate's wedding day and stitching for hours together.

  I have always wanted to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt and was hesitant to start, not knowing if I would ever really finish it.  

SO I decided to make a very SIMPLE version with big pieces that would be 
easy enough for a beginner. 
Yes, it has curved piecing, but the pattern comes with actual color photos of step by step instructions.  It has a simple square block construction 
and was so much fun make!

You will notice on the cover, the pattern includes the Petal Quilt as well. 
 It has a bit more of a modern feel with different colored centers and 
the petals are all facing the same way.

Camille and I were brainstorming one night and came up with this quilt together.  
More on that story coming soon

Get yourself a fat eight bundle and get started.  
You can do it, I promise!
This could be a great stash buster quilt as well.

 I think this might be my favorite quilt I have ever designed!
Miss Kate is our 10th line of fabric, so I am already planning to make another wedding ring quilt
 using at least one piece of fabric from each of our lines. 
After the last few weeks of designing and sewing,
 I think I might need to take a couple of days off before I start that project, 
or maybe, just take a really, really long nap first.


My Sunday Bows quilt has two of the things I thought of right away when we designed the 
Miss Kate fabric collection, an aqua and red color pallet and dainty bows. 
The 4 patch of bows has a vintage feel and is certainly a quilt Miss Kate would have loved 
on the foot of her bed. 

So sweet and pretty.

Have you got a little girl at your house that would like this quilt at the foot of her bed?

Next up, Cozy.

In case you haven't heard, our Miss Kate collection has 20 flannel pieces as well, 
SO soft and cozy!  

 (I think I will wrap up in this for my long nap) 

The center star really shines in the large red floral.

Thanks LeAnn for the beautiful quilting!
This is a queen size quilt with large blocks, so it goes together fast. 
 The inspiration for this quilt was the yummy flannel layer cake.

 This collection has Fat Quarters, Fat Eights and Charm packs in flannel too!  

If you haven't started following me on Instagram, bonniecottonway, 
please join me.  I posted this picture a few weeks ago when I just had two of my 
quilts ready for binding.

   I couldn't resist putting the Sundae scallop binding
 on all 3 of my new quilts.


 I just couldn't help myself,
It finishes them off perfectly.

I always love to have some small project patterns and love handmade gifts, 
so these last two patterns are fun for both.  

A little closer look.

This pieced courtyard steps bag would be so much fun 
to make for your quilt friends.

A bag for your special Valentine.


and Christmas.

The gift bags are 8" - 14" tall and can be filled with all kinds of goodies!

I made some star ornaments for some very special friends for Christmas last year 
and had several requests for the pattern, so
 I decided to print the pattern and design a couple of 
other ornaments to go with it.  
I don't know about you, but it just isn't Christmas unless I make some handmade gifts 
and it's never to early to start. 
This is a sweet way to use those little 2 1/2" Moda Candy squares 
you have all been collecting.

I hand quilted around some of them with red thread to make the stitches stand out,
and like I said, I just had to use that Sundae scallop on everything. 

It's always so fun to show you my new patterns.
They are all in my shop as PDF's or Paper. 

I would love to hear which one is your favorite.
 Miss Kate and I have become close friends and I think she is pretty sweet. 

She will be visiting a quilt shop near you in August, 
you might want to say hello!


  1. These are all so wonderful! I have to say Kate's Big Day and the Petal Quilt are my favorites and are now on my must do list.

  2. These are all great! Such variety!

  3. another great bunch of patterns!! so pretty!

  4. They are all "must have" patterns! I really love the Sundae scallop bindings, what a great look.

  5. I love the Double wedding ring quilt!! I have always wanted to make one, and it always feels intimidating. Thanks for making it feel doable :) I definitely want to make it for my daughters when they get married! I just ordered April Showers fabric to start your cabin Christmas quilt, and your may flowers, can't wait for all the cuteness!

  6. They're all great, well done, Bonnie! My favorite is Sunday Bows love the way it forms a second pattern. Hope you're well and enjoying spring (is there spring already in your part of the world? Hope so, here it is.-), Hildy

  7. I love these patterns! The wedding ring quilt is to die for - and your easy plug might make me jump into that one - but I LOVE the star quilt - I think I need to start that one tonight! Good work!

  8. Miss Kate is delightful and of course, I love the way you've shown her off. She's quite spiffy. :-)

    Love all the patterns, Bonnie

  9. Love the Wedding Ring quilt! You're a genius to come up with a square block technique. Another addition to my long list of quilts to make! Great job!

  10. I want to make one of each! Lovely new line of fabric and ALL the patterns are on my wish list. Thanks so much for creating such lovelies!

  11. Ooowwweee! Every pattern is designed, created and made to perfection! I am in awe! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  12. I, too, have longed to do a Double Wedding Ring quilt. I trust you when you say it is do-able! So I am jumping in with filled bobbins and hope in my heart!
    And Miss Kate is rather wonderful looking. I can hardly wait for it to be in stores.

  13. I love Kate's big day. You made it look so easy to do. What solid did you use for Cozy? I've got some Ruby flannel fat quarters that I'm dying to cut into

  14. Absolutely gorgeous Bonnie! As always! :)

  15. Love Kate's Big Day & love the collection! We are all going to have so much fun with these!

  16. I've always wanted to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt but was definitely intimidated by the pattern. I must give your pattern a try. Your new fabric is gorgeous, as always. Thanks for the preview.

  17. SO PRETTY!

  18. Wow, these patterns are beautiful with Miss Kate. I'm really loving the Flannel Star quilt, I love cozy:) Than you for sharing your talents. LOVE!!!!!

  19. I absolutely adore Kate's Big Day! It's such a fresh, graphic take on the traditional block: it's perfect and I can't wait to make one x

  20. They are each wonderful. And Miss Kate is gorgeous. What a fun collection of colors. It is amazing how you come up with delightful new designs.

  21. I am looking forward to Kates big day. I love the double wedding ring quilt and also the Christmas ornaments. Well I love them all. I'm looking forward to Miss Kate hitting the shelves but first I need to get my april showers sew up. :) I loved the story of Miss Kate.

  22. Another beautiful collection of fabric and patterns! I can't wait to add it to MY collection!!!

  23. Just beautiful Bonnie! Beautiful patterns AND beautiful fabric!!

  24. Beautiful Quilts and projects Bonnie. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. I hope you treat yourself to that well deserved nap!

  25. I love them all but because we just found out we are expecting, after a tribe of little boys I'm praying for a baby girl and would adore the Sunday Bows quilt in her room. :).

    I love that you always include faster, crafty ideas too as sewing large quilts for me is more difficult right now. Thank you Bonnie!

  26. Another beautiful fabric line. And I'm still not finished using up the previous ones (I got carried away buying every pre-cut it seems! I just love your festive quilt patterns and that there is always a little something to whip up quickly. Those bags are adorable!!

  27. Love you and Camille's gorgeous fabrics and patterns - Been a fan for awhile. I just need to order some of these lovely things, get busy and start some of these wonderful projects! I'm so glad you include quicker projects too and the Christmas ornaments are adorable! You guys are so creative and I'm happy you are feeling better! Always look forward to your blogs and new things.

  28. where are you and camille.Been looking for a post for more than a month This is not how it is with friends.

  29. I'm in love with the double wedding ring quilt and am hoping your right on the simplicity of your pattern. I've done very little quilting so far, but my dad and step-mom have a double wedding ring quilt that a friend made and it's just worn out. My step-mom hadmulitple brain aneurysms several years ago and just can't make one herself (althought she wants to so bad).... so I think this may be a project for me to them... thanks for simplifying it and using your beautiful fabrics... they are just full of joy :)

  30. Thinking of you Bonnie and hoping you are doing well. You're in my thoughts & prayers!

  31. Your designs are very lovely. I love your flannel collection. I'm new to blogging and social media in general but would love to connect with you. I mentioned your blog in my blog today because I made one of the gift bag from your giftbag pattern for the Southern Californian Quilter's Run! at my local quilt shop called the Quilt Emporium. The bag is lovely and getting a lot of attentions. My blog is ''

    Thanks for the inspirations. Love your mom's picture too. She is a beautiful lady.... :)

  32. It's all so beautiful! Love the ornaments! So glad you are feeling well! Best wishes from the west side of Idaho, however, my heart is still on the east side! :)


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