Monday, August 19, 2013

To much excitement!

Saturday, while we were at the cabin for the weekend, my husband went out to the garage and was surprised to find a bear just coming in with her two cubs.  He closed the door and yelled "There's a bear!" 

I hurried to the window to look, thinking she must be fairly far away and had no idea she was actually in our garage.  My husband must have scared her or she didn't find the grilled hamburgers we had made for lunch and she started to leave, watching us very closely as she left.  When she was far enough away, we all went outside to see for our own eyes, so grateful we were not part of the 3rd bear attack news story.

My son-in-law, Jarom took this picture - thanks Jarom. The pictures I took of the bears were much further away!

The day before we heard on the news of 2 bear attacks fairly close to where our cabin is.  One was a mother bear and two cubs and was just a few miles from us.  We are wondering if it wasn't the same bears.

I have lived in Idaho most of my life and been to West Yellowstone many times and have never seen a bear up close. I thought it would be fun to see one, but that was a little to close for me. Needless to say, we slept with the windows closed that night...

Hope your summer is exciting, but not the "bear in your garage" kind of excitement,


  1. Yikes!!! That is a little too close for comfort, that is for sure!!

  2. You must be much younger than I. I vividly remember seeing bears up close in Yellowstone in probably 1966 or so. They would literally come up to the cars and stand up to the windows looking in. A short time later, they were all removed from the park and so they wouldn't harm and become so used to being around people. Now they manage them much differently.

  3. Wow! That was a "close enough" encounter.

    I just hurried back inside after hearing a rustling in the brush not too far away when I took our dog out before bedtime. I was feeling a bit silly for imagining all the wild things it could be, but now that I read your story, I feel justified in listening to the alarms that went off inside my head. The other dogs will have to wait awhile before we head out again tonight!

  4. I've never seen a bear (exceot in the zoo) and one in the garage would be too close for my taste. Glad she didn't decide to stay. Perhaps she justwants to say hi to you?
    Hope you're well and have a great summer, Hildy

  5. Tigers and Lions and Bears, oh my! that is too much excitment : ) love tiny bolts!!

  6. My husband was out of his walk a few weeks ago, and came upon a bear in the road - he thought it was a big dog at first. When he realized it was a bear, he got his phone out and then decided he may be able to zoom in if he got a video, when he looked up it was runny towards him so he ran.... never got a photo except of his legs running - LOL!! Yes, we can laugh now, but it's pretty serious. We are in the N Ga mtns.

  7. Well did she come into your yard or did you move into her yard? Be safe!

  8. Thanks for always making sure our trips are exciting! I don't know how you do it. ;-)

  9. My quilt group went to our annual fall retreat at Tahoe one year and had a bear experience. A mommy bear and her two cubs were right outside our condo and got into the trash. Scary! Glad no one was hurt.

  10. Are there more bears this year maybe that come close? I have been on holiday to Canada (Jasper) and USA (Glacier) and saw lots of beats and also close.... Have been more than once In Yellowstone and never saw one bear. And now mother with 3 little ones, mother with 2 little ones and some more that where alone. Also a Grizzly Bear and I was very happy that this one was not so close and I was in the car ;-)
    But it was a very nice holiday and I also bought some of your patterns in the quiltshops I visited ;-)
    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    Marina Fluit

  11. What an exciting but also very scary story! My husband is just now on his way home from a bear hunting expedition. So glad your family is safe!

  12. you can find all kinds of stuff in the garage these days! great story!


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