Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Portland Quilt Market 2013

I know this is super slow and I apologize, but sometimes that's my speed these days. Its always so fun to show pictures of Quilt Market, but since I wasn't actually able to be there, Camille was sweet enough to send me these fun pictures of the booth and lots of pictures to help me feel in the loop as much as possible.

This is my side of the booth featuring our new fabric line Scrumptious.

And in case you haven't heard, it ships to a quilt store near you in September.
I really think it could be my favorite fabric line so far. 

So here's a few close ups of my new patterns you can see in the booth.
(Sorry for the picture overload)

Don't forget, Moda is offering of kit of this quilt. 

 Poppies...a jelly roll quilt.

My Cupcake runner and


And last but not least, my new pattern Baby Love.
All the new patterns are available now in our shop.

A couple of my happy-go-lucky quilts Topsy Turvy and All A Flutter.

This is Camille's side of the booth.

She has such beautiful quilts, I want to make them all!

and this is both sides of our booth full of Scrumtious fabric goodness.

But really, the reason I wrote this post is to say "Thank You" to so many of you out there 
that helped make it happen.

Tiffany, who lives in my home town and graciously offered to take my quilts safely to Camille, 
what a relief and what a sweetheart she is!

Sheri, on the right, who helped set up in record time. 

Holly, in the middle, so much help and moral support.

Jodie, on the left and below, who I hear, makes a pretty great lunch
and some awesome cookies. 
Sorry I missed out on those.

Lissa, the amazing Lissa, who designed the Moda booth which looked fabulous and 
Congratulations, by the way, on the booth award! (see down a bit further)

She and Ducki, on the left, so willingly brought props for the booth and does all kinds of nice things to make our lives easier, waaaayyy to many ways to count! Many, many thanks!

Cheryl, Mark and all the Moda crew and sales reps who work soooo hard!

Thanks to my quilters, Andrea and LeAnn who really made my quilts look so beautiful!

And especially Camille, wow, words cannot express how grateful I am that she just picked things up without missing a beat and on such short notice, took over and went by herself (we have been doing this together since her first quilt market) and she made it all words can express...just so so grateful!

And for her husband Jarom, who flew in late on friday to help work the booth Saturday and Sunday and to help with take down. Thanks Jarom!

Camille also introduced her new book at Quilt Market and I really wanted to be there to cheer her on at her book signing, but I am pretty sure she knows just how proud I am of her. She is so talented at what she does and I am amazed at her energy and all she accomplishes! 
So Proud, 
but then, 
I can say that right?
 I am her MOM.

 Check out all of her new Scrumptious patterns and her new book on her blog here

Thanks so much Camille! 

And Thanks to all those who sent their waves and kisses, it means so much! I feel so loved! I had a little Quilt Market show of my own from all the texts Camille sent and the blogs, instagrams and facebooks I checked.  

It was so strange after being at Quilt Market for soooo many years not to be there, 
but hope to be back soon.

So heart warming!

Thanks again to everyone, even those I didn't specifically mention who so willingly offered to help and did so much!  I am so grateful and blessed to work in such a great industry with such kind, thoughtful and talented people.

I also want to say thanks to everyone who sent Birthday Wishes!  So sweet of you all.  Yes, I am happy to celebrate each and every Birthday now and hope I grow really old, no problem with counting the candles here. 

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as well, I am getting through this Cancer journey and can feel your love and support. It gives me so much strength. I have some pretty rough days, but I am pretty sure you don't want to see pictures of me on those days (yes, I  have lost my hair and that's a wig) , but I have some good days too when I get to hang out with my friends and family and enjoy life and it is so sweet!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,


  1. Sending love, prayers and positive thoughts to you, Bonnie. You look fantastic in the picture with your grandsons. Love all of your quilts and Camille's also!

  2. This post makes me jump up and down happy. You are sooo special and such an inspiration.

  3. Just know, Bonnie, that there are lots of us out here who read your blog, and Camille's, and are rooting for you all the way. Many of us don't post many comments, but know that you are in our hearts and prayers as you go through this journey.

  4. Sending healing thoughts your way. You look great with your three little grandsons. Thinking of you!

  5. I hope you are well again soon. All the patterns are gorgeous. I wanted to say exactly what Debra said above. All the best to you as you fight and beat cancer.

  6. Bonnie, praying for you from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. So appreciate you and Camille, and the creative gifts you share with us quilters!! Praying for way more good days for you!! Blessings! Cheryl

  7. What a lovely post. You and Camille are both so gorgeous. Love and best wishes all the way from Australia! :-)

  8. Hi Bonnie, more prayers and good wishes from Australia. The patterns and quilts are beautiful. I agree with Debra's comment, we don't always tell you but we are thinking of you.

  9. You have been on my nightly prayer list ever since you told us the news about the cancer. You look GREAT in the pic with the boys. Praying for you in this fight and hope the good days outnumber the bad.

  10. I know you would have been there if you could and think it is good that you concentrated on getting better (or getting through), as that case may be. Take good care! Warm, healing wishes heading your way.

  11. Bonnie, thanks for this post. I hope you can be at the next quilt market and many more. I wish you the best, Hildy

  12. Hi Bonnie! You and Camille (I'm following her Craftsy class and it is fabulous!)are such inspirational people and your quilts are wonderful. I have such admiration for your courage! Well done and best wishes to you both! Hugs from Switzerland!

  13. What a sweet post of gratitude! I hope your good days start to outnumber the hard days! Your quilts and fabric line are beautiful!

  14. Hi Bonnie,
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your cancer journey...your honesty about the hard things, as well as your wonderful optimism. I love your work, and admire you so much more for having to courage to share some of your cancer journey with all of us. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  15. Beautiful and wonderfully upbeat post! Every reason to be proud of everyone you mentioned, but especially yourself. You keep your spirits up, good on you! You fight this thing with all you got and draw strength from those around you, I applaud your spirit and strength. Best wishes from The Netherlands!

  16. Ditto to all the many comments... you are such an inspiration to us in many ways! We're all praying for you.

  17. Well, one certainly can't tell by looking at your picture that you have been going through a cancer journey. You look fabulous! And, yes you have an awesome daughter! And I love her new book almost as much as the first one. God's blessings to you as you continue the fight.

  18. Sending prayers and positivity. You will beat this thing! My mom had colon cancer 8 years ago, and now was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Quilting is a welcome way to help during those stressful times. ((hugs)) Love the blog, your fabrics, and quilts. Best Wishes!! Love that your daughter shares your passions too.

  19. All your projects were awesome. I loved seeing them. Missed you of course but Camille did a great job. You were certainly missed! You look like you're having a lot of good days and I'm happy to see your smiling face here and on instagram!

  20. Your blog post was a nice re-visit of the Portland Market. I live far from markets and quilt shops, and blogs have made a quilting life possible. You and Camille have such talent to share. Every round of new patterns is a joy. But then you had me at Bliss. Wishing you continued success on your journey. Stephani in N. TX (

  21. What a sweet post. Glad you are having good days. I was thirteen when my dad battled cancer. The prayer,strength, and service of family and friends is what got us through it. Plus a whole lot of faith. Prayers to you and your family. :)

  22. It was an honor and privilege for me to go to Quilt Market and represent the Olaveson women! You were greatly missed, so many women asked about you! I'm glad you are having good days, and pray you will have more good than bad. And for what it's worth, you look fantastic! xo

  23. I agree- what a beautiful and upbeat post! Your patterns are beautiful and the fabric- just gorgeous- love them all!! Continued prayers sent your way through this journey and that last picture- you look beautiful as ever!:)

  24. You have the right attitude to life and your illness. I really do wish you all the best for your treatment and recovery. You are looking really well with your Grandsons around! You need your energy from ice cream for them I'm sure!

  25. You are such an inspiration! Take good care! It's always so fun to see you on Instagram!

  26. So good to see you with your grandchildren: such a wonderful time for you. My best wishes for your speedy and COMPLETE recovery!! You are a great example to all of us!

  27. Prayers and a hug from Australia.

  28. I have been through a similar experience and I wish you continued strength and clear sailing.

  29. You and Camille are a great team! I hope you're having a good day. :)


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