Thursday, May 9, 2013



Just wanted to show you some close up pictures of my new Poppies quilt today...

                                      It was so much fun to make, hope you will give it a try!  
                                                  Seriously, the curved petals, so easy.

Using the Jelly Roll strips makes it so fast too!

I love how Andrea quilted the scallops in the courtyard steps block, 
the circles on the petals and the double curves in the 16 - patch center.
Just perfect!

                               Andrea, my quilting angel, you out did yourself!  Thank you!!!

I am having so much fun stitching with our new Scrumptious line!


                  The blocks are 16" x 16" and the quilt measures 74" x 90", so it's a great size.

... and I want to announce our three - yes, three winners, for last weeks giveaway. 

      denise n.,  I am Just One Mom and McCall Johnson

Ladies, e-mail me your addresses and I will get your goodies sent right out.

Thanks for letting me know your favorite patterns. 
 It's always a little scary to put them out there and wonder which ones you like the best, so thanks for your sweet comments and for all the love and prayers! Can't thank you enough!

So blessed,


  1. Just stunning. And I agree, the quilting couldn't be more perfect!
    Congrats to the winners... you lucky Ladies, you!

  2. Congrats to the winners! Love your quilts and the new fabric line can't wait to work with it!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Bonnie is the sweetest! Her patterns and fabric reflect that!

  4. Your new fabric line is gorgeous. Love your patterns and the quilt is so pretty. Thinking about you!

  5. This pattern is so cute and your fabrics make it bright and cheerful!

  6. This one is my favorite. Absolutely beautiful!! Great job!

  7. Congrats to the winners and your new fabrics line and patterns are just fabulous .

  8. Breathtaking!! Beautiful quilt made with beautiful fabrics- love, Love, LOVE it!!! Great job!!

  9. Such a lovely quilt, I will get this pattern soon and try to do a decent job making it. I sent my sister your blog. She will go Tues. to have her first visit with the oncologist. I am praying for both of you to go through this treatment with peace wrapped around you ..God bless you..Dianne

  10. Love the poppies quilt! Just darling! I love it!

  11. Yet another beautiful quilt!

  12. lovely blocks and the quilting suits them beautifully

  13. I'm in love with all your stuff :-)))

  14. Beautiful quilt and quilting. You and your daughter always have fresh colors in your quilts and every time I see them they make me smile.
    Speaking of which, I am quite taken with the blocks on the quilt in your blog header. Is that a pattern?

  15. This poppies quilt looks so much more "yummy" in your close ups thanks for sharing and showing off such great quilting on equally beautiful fabric!@

  16. I LOVE the Poppies quilt! I always love your fabrics and patterns. The cupcakes table runner is adorable, and a perfect project for my nieces who are taking cake decorating lessons.

  17. Bonnie, You have been in my thoughts and heart today and I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Gentle Hugs, Nancy in Utah (you don't know me, but I know you from yours and Camilles gorgeous fabrics and patterns.

  18. I have followed your daughters blog for a while now. I have loved every fabric line the two of you have put together. You really make a great team. But You also have some fabulous patterns yourself. What took me so long to come and check you out? Regardless I am here now and in love with your new pattern, Sweet #960. I was wondering if you could answer just one question for me. What size do the blocks finish at? So hoping that it would be 12. I look forward to hearing from you.

  19. Oh my goodness funny I just read your daughters blog and found out about your diagnosis I will be praying for you daily and my family well as well. I love your blog so I never ever post replies. I suffer from many chronic conditions to and chronic pain and sewing can be a struggle but is something I think God blessed us women with. When I'm feeling particularly bad I stroke my fabric, hug my kids, and eat Nutella.(Not necessarily in that order ) ;-) Your fabric actually cheers me up quite a bit. It's simply makes me happy and eventually I'll have time in between quilting for others to make a quilt for our family of your fabric. Both of my kids have been home sick with different illnesses since January and my son is going to undergo bone marrow testing, so I feel your pain. I'm so so sorry for your struggles you're about to go through but I'm happy for you that you seem so blessed by family and friends. Thank you for sharing with us and God bless you Bonnie. Xo

    1. That should be Bonnie not funny in the first sentence. I'm using voice to text and it comes up with some weird things sometimes!


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