Tuesday, July 10, 2012

$5 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

That's right, from now through Friday, July 13th, all patterns are $5.00 or less! 

Just enter 5DOLLARDAYS in the code area.


Great time to stock up!

And for all of you that asked about the crochet blanket edge... 

I am a beginner and in fact this is the only edge I know, 

so I hesitate to give any directions, but ...

...the holes on the edge is called hemstitching and is made with a special machine that a woman in our area does. The machine stitches the two flannel pieces together and punches the holes at the same time.
It is a double crochet stitch with Red Heart yarn called Moon & Stars.
The yarn is a small chenille looking yarn.  It's great because it hides any mistakes I make and I can stitch without counting and thinking much. The hook is 10mm.
Hope that answers most of your questions.

Happy shopping and stitching!


  1. Yay! Just ordered two for my collection :)

  2. i bought 2 new patterns. Thanks Bonnie for the sale..

  3. I was trying to be really good and not spend time on the computer and now I feel punished!!! I wish I had known about the sale. Insert a big sigh.....

  4. Thanks for the crochet info!

  5. I love, love love your quilts! They are truly lovely..I download a few patterns from your daughter's blog but I seem to be an auditory learner or a hands on I cant understand them written any more I really struggle with it..Beautiful quilts.IzzyR

  6. So sad to have missed your sale, but so thrilled to have found your site!


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