Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Ruby Tuesday!

Spread the word... It's RUBY Tuesday!

Hop on over to the Create blog and check out the fun celebration on the arrival of RUBY fabric. 
You won't want to miss it!

I have been stitching up a little RUBY myself and I have to say, it is definitely my favorite fabric line so far. (sneak peek of our new line VM coming soon!)

Have you checked your mail for your new Quilt Festival magazine?

I just got mine and was happy to find my new Bed Runner...

What have you been making out of Ruby?  If you haven't started a project yet, you will want to check out the amazing deal on Ruby Fat Quarters over at Create.
Hurry quick before it's gone!


  1. I have been using Ruby to make some pretty fancy stockings...super excitedfor Christmas!

  2. Ruby is so pretty! If the Lord blesses us with a baby girl some day, I just might make her quilt and accesories from Ruby! Or from's hard to decide!

  3. soooo sooooo pretty! I love the quilting on your runner. eagerly awaiting this magazine in Canada!

  4. Such a beautiful ruby runner!.Don´t now if I can find that magazine here.

  5. I made a Ruby table runner for a girlfriend's 30th. It's going to be featured on Sharon's Craizee Corners blog ( on Wednesday infact - she's doing a spotlight on Ruby this week!


  6. So love your bed runners, Bonnie, such a genius idea! Am nearly finished making a Fig Tree Stems quilt with Bliss (perfect match with my two-week old neic's nursery) and am looking forward to starting a Houes-block quilt with my newly arrived Ruby! Those little scallop prints immediately reminded me of roof tiles!! x

  7. Yikes, apologies for all those typos!! x

  8. Hi Bonnie! :) Thanks for the shout out!! It's certainly good to be back! Can't wait to see you in the spring with Camille!! and of course I love Ruby ;)


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