Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is Good!

Thank you so much to all of you that sent Birthday Wishes my way!  It was sweet of Camille to let you know.  I hope you all noticed she gave my blog a facelift for my Birthday as well.  Thanks Camille!  I had a great week with some of my family (wish the rest of you could have been here) and thought I would share a few pictures.

I had some of my grandchildren a couple of days the week of my birthday.  We did all kinds of fun things.  Later in the week we got together to celebrate a little more.

We made butterflies. They were stitched with embroidery thread, stuffed and had pipecleaner antanaes and sequins hot glued to their wings. That was Bailey's design. These two were quite the little stitchers.

We planted flowers.

Put up the new trampoline.  After 15 years, my 5 kids and an entire neighborhood wearing the old one out, it was time for a new one.

Grandpa took the girls for a horse ride.

We had a Hot Dog roast.

Made Smores, mmmmm!


                          And really, really enjoyed playing outside in the sunshine. FINALLY!

Gotta love that gooey Cheeto smile!

I also had lunch with my mom, some of my sisters and sister-in laws. (Sorry, no pic for that).  My mom made me an angle food cake with fresh strawberries and real whipping cream. It was so yummy!

Even though I am not crazy about getting another year older, I guess having more Birthdays can be a good thing!

Thanks everyone,


  1. Wonderful times! So very blessed to have that family! Here's to another year of happiness! Pam in Choco

  2. Wait, you have fun when I'm not there?

    Also, you have really cute grandkids!

  3. Family Birthdays are so fun! So happy that you had some sunshine to enjoy those darling Grands in!


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