Monday, February 22, 2010

The perfect winter day

When we woke up Saturday morning, it was a beautiful sunny day here in Idaho. My husband suggested we take a little snowmobile ride up into Island Park, about an hour from where we live. As my family knows, I am a pretty fair weather girl, but since it was so sunny I agreed.

This is me in all my gear, trying to stay warm. It was sunny and a bit chilly at only 15 degrees, but so beautiful!

We stopped after an hour or so by a clump of pine trees to have a picnic lunch. This is my husband. He was such a good sport to take me and not to zoom 80 miles an hour down the trail.
He knows I like to take it a little slower and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

And did I mention, it was so beautiful!

It's days like this, that I don't mind the winter in Idaho!

Hope you are having a great day wherever you live!



  1. I'm still impressed you ride your own sled. Heaven knows those things don't like me!! ;-) (Hopefully you've forgotten about that)

    I think a warm, sunny trip to Las Vegas should be in your future. Yep.

  2. What fun! We have the snow, but not the mountains, lol.

    Of course, I'm a plains girl, so I appreciate the beauty that is here, but sometimes, it's nice to see mountains...that weren't made by the tractor, he he he.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm not much of a cold weather fan either...but I love a sunny day in the snow!

  4. oh, i am jealous! that looks like fun. :)


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