Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Just returned from the Stitchin'Heaven, Moda 2012 Quilting Cruise to Honduras, Belize and Cozumel Mexico in the Western Caribbean.  As they would say in Belize,

It was Unbelizable!

I had such an amazing time with all the quilting ladies, Deb, Clay and Rachael,

and my new friend and roommate, Sandra.  She was so much fun!
and very hepful (that's helpful in Texan).

The first two days at sea we had class and the ladies stitched their little hearts out on the Blissful Day quilt. (We still have a couple left on our web site)

I taught one class,

Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister taught another

and Debbie Maddie taught another class.
The quilters stayed in the same place and we rotated class rooms.

The ladies could sew until midnight and some of them did!

The quilt blocks on my quilt could  be arranged different ways to make the quilt unique to each quilter.

They were very creative.

We had fun prizes for some lucky winners.

In the evenings we dined in style with fabulous food and enjoyed great entertainment!

On day three we docked in Honduras.

We had a little beach time after it rained. 
 It was cloudy, but the air was warm and it felt so good to dig our toes into the sand!

The next day we docked in Belize.  We went to the Belize Zoo, yes that is a Boa snake that we could hold... if we wanted to... and no, I did not want to... 

 ...and then we had an amazing boat ride down the Belize River. 
It was like being in the middle of the jungle. 

We saw monkeys, crocodiles, iguana, and many more exotic animals.

The food off the ship was a little less gourmet, but none the less authentic and yummy.  Beans, rice, chicken and orange Fanta in a glass bottle.  It tasted good to me!

Back on the ship we indulged in lots of ice cream, pizza and late night snacks. No dieting this week!

Our third stop was in Cozumel mexico.  Kayaking in a glass bottom kayak and snorkeling were our activities there.

We saw colorful fish and lots of sea creatures.  It was amazing!

As you can see, not much sun, but much warmer than the weather I left in Idaho, that's for sure.

Back on the boat for our last day of sewing and a farewell party.

There were prizes for everyone and some ladies even won quilts. 

Robin won my quilt!

Thanks ladies!  I have a whole new bunch of quilting friends. 
And a special thanks to Deb at Stitchin' Heaven for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Get your quilting friends together and take a quilting cruise, you will love it!

Check out the cruise slide show

The yummy chocolate dessert is mine... wish I had some right now!


  1. HàRRÀ.Descobri porque você sumiu!!!!Estava se divertindo e trabalhando ou trabalhando e se divertindo???Que coisa boa,em?Lindas fotos,pena que estava nublado...Quer sol e calor de 36 até 40 graus,(as vezes na sombra)?Venha para o Brazil,aqui tem dias que não conseguimos um sorvete tão gelado e durinho,fazer o quê?A fanta è um refrigerante da coca-cola,achei que vocês tinham aí nos USA.Aqui tem até piada sobre isso:Quando desconfia-se que a pessoa é gay...Essa coca-cola é fanta ´´´´é o que dizem...Está tudo muito bem,está tudo muito bom,mas tenho que ir dormir,aqui é começo de madrugada 01.35.DEUS te abençoe e proteja toda sua família linda.Beijos.

  2. Oh Bonnie, I wish I was there. Looks like a wonderful time had by all.


  3. Looks like everyone had a great time. And look at all those fun quilts that were sewn!

  4. I want to go next time! ;) I'm glad you had so much fun, but we're sure glad you're back home!

  5. I had so much fun on this cruise.I was one of the four sets of twins on this cruise! I am so glad I got to meet you and attend your quilt class. I hope to go again in the future! It was great food, destinations and new friends!

  6. What a great idea, looks like tons of fun and that fabric? What's not to absolutely love, love, can't wait 'til I have it in my stash!!


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