Thursday, June 28, 2012

On the Go

 When I returned from Market I had the crazy thought that life was going to slow down a little, but it seems that isn't going to happen anytime soon. 

What happened to the Lazy Days of Summer?

The weekend after Market was Memorial Day weekend and we couldn't make it to the 
cabin fast enough.


 It was a little cold that weekend, which included some rain and snow, 
but we had so much fun none the less.

We like to be at the cabin as much as we can.
 It's such a great place to relax and spend time together.


 It's only about 1 1/2 hours from home, so not very far and it's such a peaceful place. 
                                               We have a beautiful view of the lake. 
 I will post pictures of that another time when we are out boating...can't wait!

 As you can see, we like food.

The boys played basketball inside along with ping pong and Xbox. 
It was way to cold and windy to be outside.

 On Sunday, we were dressed for church and it was my Birthday,
 so I wanted a picture of us all together to mark the occasion.

 Emily made me some yummmmy cupcakes and we had a party!
It was great to get away, especially after all the Market craziness.


We have had family reunions...


...and more Birthdays to celebrate.  Happy Birthday Tracy and Cecily! 

Last week we flew to Las Vegas to celebrate a couple more birthdays... 
Happy Birthday Canon and Camille!

 with Krispy Kremes...

and pizza...
(someone was really happy to see grandpa!)

and Neilsons Frozen's the best!

 I got to sit by this little guy while we were out and about.

 Camille and I put the finishing touches on our next fabric line and shipped it off!

And of course, we had to have some creative food!
(Thanks Jarom)

Then home we flew. 
We had to catch our plane at 6 am, so we were up at 4:00. To early for me!

In between all that, I took some time to ship orders and take care of business, set up my new web site and destash a little of my fabric there. 
In case you missed it, there are a few Ruby/Bliss bundles left

 I also finished a little project that I shipped off yesterday for a magazine.
More on that later.

And today I went shopping and to lunch with my amazing Mom.

It's been a crazy Summer so far and I don't know about you, 
but I think I am ready for a quiet nap in the hammock.  

But I know what you are thinking... 

... after eating all that yummy food, I better go to the Gym instead. 
( I am putting on my walking shoes as soon as I am done posting this.)

 So when I am out and about, I always try to get some stitching in.  I love to take projects to stitch in the car and on the plane.  I am working on a hexagon paper pieced project, and it is so addicting. I started one years ago and loved it so much that I started another one in our Ruby fabric and plan to put several of our fabric lines in it.

I also love to crochet around baby receiving blankets, so I always have a stash of those to take with me, and I usually take a quilt along to bind.

So with the 4th of July just around the corner and a few more months of Summer ahead, I plan on taking a couple more short trips, have more days at the cabin with my family and more stitching time...and I will try not to eat to much.

Happy Summer everyone!


  1. You are a superwoman. What takes to be able to be everywhere and do so many things? Incredible, I will continue attentive to the news showing us go. Happy summer.

  2. I have been (pleasantly) surprised that our summer has been crazy busy as well! So much fun though. Cute hexi's (they really are addicting)!

  3. The first half of this post made me want to cry because I miss all the fun stuff... but then it picked up at the end. ;-) Great post- love all the pictures! How did I not know about this hexagon project? I need to start one of those too...

    Love you!

  4. Looks like you are having so much fun family time!!! Love those hexies! I wanted to ask you about your baby blankets.....How did you get the holes around the edges for your crochet hook to go through? The hardest part of crocheting around a baby blanket is poking my hook though the fabric on the first go round! Did you use a machine to do that?

  5. WOW! I wondered if your summer was going good....sounds like it is!!! So fun to see your cabin and family!

  6. Sympatico! I have the same pics (with diff faces in them) on several SD cards from June's gatherings & events. Parallel universes. Good universes to be in, for sure. Blessings to all.

  7. and I can hardly wait for your latest collection to be revealed and released!

  8. First off "Happy Belated Birthday". Looks like you had a great one. I love, love, love your fabric and just want to say "Thank You" for inspiring so many of us. I see a couple of other people have asked also but how did you get the holes in the fabric to crochet the receiving blanket? Maybe you need to do a tutorial for us??? Hint, hint. Thank you so much and have a great day.
    Cindy B.

  9. Loved all the pictures and your beautiful family. Crazy about your fabric and Camille's, but I too am wondering about the crochet receiving blanket. Holes? and could you give a brief description of how you put on the edging. I crochet alittle. Thanks. Linda

  10. Can I just say I love your lines and I love this post. I don't comment too much any more because I am now 700+ posts behind in google reader and time seems to slip away much easier the older I get. I love to see how you are able to balance all you have going on. My favorite picture - and I kept waiting for it as I was scrolling through the post - was CAFE RIO. I always look forward to your blog and Camille's blog when this is included. I moved away from the west to the south and I haven't been able to make it up to DC yet (which is now the closest CR around). So, I am tickled to see all you do, to see your fabric, and to see you are just like the rest of us that enjoy the comforts of family, food and fun!! I wish you guys always the best and can't wait for your next line to come out. You are the only designers that I have bought something from every line you have had. Thanks for doing what you do as I know it takes a lot of your time!!!! It is greatly appreciated!!!

  11. You're such a teaser with the new fabric, I'm sure it'll be as wonderful as the other ones!!! Love the pics of you and your family, hope you all have a great summer. Hildy

  12. What a beautiful family. It was fun to 'meet' them. Looks like you have been busy, busy, busy. I hope you find a bit of relaxing time this summer. I just got a bike so I am planning some pedaling this summer.
    (we got Marmalade layers in the excited. I am about ready to make the samples. Love the fabrics!!!)
    Happy Fourth.

  13. Second for a tutorial on the blanket edging - I think I found a similar yarn, but do you use a double crochet stitch?

    1. Thirds on a tutorial for the blanket edging. I have some sweet babies that I would like to make a few of these for.

  14. Bonnie,
    This is such a fun post! Your cabin looks beautiful as well as your family. Your summer looks busy but like a lot of fun. Thanks for helping get Grandma to us. We are having fun with her. I have always wanted to learn to do the hexagon paper piecing. Maybe you could make your next post a tutorial about how to do it. It looks like fun. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  15. Lovely post, and I too would love to learn how to do the receiving blankets. Have some flannel fabric just waiting for an idea.

  16. I love the edging you're crocheting. I have the yarn. I'm trying it and I realize that the wholes need to be close together to get the full look. I will keep trying! Love your blog. I made a baby quilt using ruby. You can see the top at:

  17. I enjoy reading your blog! I too am wanting to learn how to crochet edges of pillowcases and blankets. Especially since I have another grandchild due in February.I was wondering about the holes. How did you make them?
    Thank you!


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